4G LTE Network Extender not working on iPhone with eSim



I recently consolidated my two lines on an iPhone XS, at my home I have a Network Extender and for some reason the Network Extender blocks the e-sim service.

This issue is driving me insane, if I turn off the Network Extender the e-sim goes back to normal but with low signal.

This issues doesnt affect other devices or the line with the SIM on my iPhone, the issue is only with the e-sim line.

Please help


Re: 4G LTE Network Extender not working on iPhone with eSim


Sounds like you found a limitation of the Network Extender. 

Network Extenders are not full blown cellular towers like the ones outside your home.  They only provide the minimum number of the channels and frequencies necessary to operate your End User Devices.  Due to that limited functionality I'd guess that whatever is driving eSIM on your iPhone breaks/does not have the right communication to work.


See this document from Apple:

Both of your phone numbers can make and receive voice calls and send and receive SMS and MMS.2 Your iPhone can use one cellular data network at a time.


It might be worth checking in with Apple to see if they have any limitations with this technology and home network extenders.  Id guess they have the same limitations with other Service Providers and home network extender devices too.