spending limit is absurd


I've been in contact with financial services for weeks now, and they always say that they will email/contact someone and they will get back to me but no one did. 3 weeks later, I talked to a rep and she told me that there's no possible way to increase my credit limit. 

That's the thing I dont understand with verizon. I've had T-mobile as my carrier before and they can increase my credit limit no problem. They just need to run my credit and they will increase it since I was a good payer but for some reason Verizon doesn't care about that. Like, I am not asking for free money. I will pay those phone, so I dont understand why it's so hard to increase credit limits here?

Someone also offered me to switch to business account and i checked the plans for that. They're basically saying that I need to spend more on the plan just so I can increase my credit limit. I think that's doesn't make any sense.

I have 9 lines on my account. 1 that is already fully payed, and 1 that I am willing to pay off just so i can upgrade those 2 lines but Verizon  still refuse because they state that I dont have enough credit limit. One person told me I have $2000 credit limit the next person that I talked to says I have $1500 credit limit. The information that every rep gives me are different. And, first of all, how did Verizon expect me to just have $2000 credit limit with 9 lines when a new phones costs like $1000 and more.

Me having being a good payer and with high credit score doesnt matter for Verizon. I should've know that Verizon service is like this then I should've stayed with T-Mobile. I was with T-Mobile for more than 13 years . I was just referred to Verizon because they said Verizon has good customer service and better plans but apparently not. T-Mobile value the loyalty of their customers unlike Verizon.  Pretty sure i am not going to stay long with Verizon like I did with T-Mobile. I even referred 10 people to Verizon, I guess I made a bad choice. I will make sure that other people will know about this bad service. Switching to Verizon was a wrong move.