smart hub has a 10g data cap


Is there ever going to be a LTE service for rural customer's that doesn't have a 10G data cap. I live in an area where I can't get cable or DSL. Satellite speeds and data caps are a joke for the price. The one bright spot is the Verizon cell tower that is less than 2 miles from my house. I switch to the unlimited plan with 1 phone line and got a MIFI and the speeds were incredible. 30MPS + most of the time. Then I hit the 10G data limit and got slowed down to an unusable 3g speed for the remainder of my cycle ( 4 days into the cycle). Those [Removed] at the Verizon store think the MIFI's is unlimited like the phones which is the only reason I bought it. 3 different stores told me the MIFI is only throttled after 22GB but it's a lie. 1 Call to tech support got me the truth so thank you tech support for at least telling me the truth. I just got an e-mail from Verizon to check out the smart hub. sounds awesome but again you are limited to 10G per cycle. There's got to be some exception for customer's that can't get DSL, Cable, or satellite.  Seriously there are no providers that can provide internet for me which sucks because I'm 8 Miles south of  plain city Ohio and 8 miles north of West Jefferson Ohio.

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Re: smart hub has a 10g data cap


Same here in rural Pine Mountain Ga. I work from home. 1 week into my plan I use up my 10 g data allowance and my wifi speed is cutback to 3g which is almost unusable for work at home. Verizon please offer a better wifi solution than 10 g data allowance for rural America. I have no other options except possibly Hughesnet. Will have to check reviews of other users regarding Hughesnet wifi.