sent to collection in error- paid in full -- please help


Hi Verizon, 

Attn Accn Number: [removed]

I have been a verizon customer for very very long time. In 2015 , I briefly moved to at&t after paying the final bill .A year later when I tried to open a new account with verizon, the verizon rep told me I have outstanding balance that needs to be resolved. Store rep connected me to Customer service who advised cannot verify what it is for  but had to be resolved for me to open an account, then to call the customer service and ask for refund once I become a verizon customer again.  I paid the balance in full the very day.

Now, I am trying to make a home purchase and turns out verizon has been reporting paid collections. I have tried calling multiple times to verizon and spoke with financial services, written at least 13 letters and so far all I got was it  was sent to collection in error but they can't do anything because it is paid in full.

I was promised this will be by few managers to name few with VZID Stephanie v1felst
but still no luck.

This is so not fair and I am out  of options. Please someone help me get this resolved and have all three credit reporting agencies updated or the account removed.

I am still a verizon customer with 4 lines with absolutely phenomenon payment history and pay almost 200 bucks every month. Why would I have  missed paying this one small balance.


Please help!!

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