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scam artists,

my name is brian, i have a customer with verizon for 15 years. they used to be good, however they are only good when you pay your bill early every month as i did. however everyone goes through hard times as i did last year. lost my job ended up in the hospital with congestive heart and kidney failure. as a result i fell behind on my verizon the begining they worked with me completely. as i told them i was waiting for social security to kick in. as  you know the government works very slow. i would make payments to stay afloat and then all of a sudden they changed for no reason. i would make arrangments for payment to come out on a certain day and they would shut my phone off two or three days before the arrangment was due. id call and they would say we will reconnect your phone. this happend three times and then i got the bill.....almost 800.00 dollars.. why? because each time they reconnected it was 20.00dollars for each line and i had four lines. not counting the pages on the bill of misc charges but they never break them down. what started out as a 127 plan a month turned into over two hundred a month. i wont pay verizon one dime until they fix this. and ive dumped them. so make sure you read your bill closely.


Re: scam artists,
Customer Support

Oh my, I'm sorry to hear about the concern over your monthly charges and re-connection fees, viper2x1971. Fifteen years with us is nothing short of amazing. We would never want you to leave us. It sounds like you have been going through a rough time and I certainly hope things are turning around for you. I'm confident we can turn this around and I'm happy to help bring clarity to your bill, discuss any charges and make sure you have the plan with the best fit. Please check your private note so I can best help. 

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