poor customer service


i was inquiring this evening if there was any discount for waiving the activation fee of $40.00 on the purchase of a new iPhone 6.  I used the live chat and was promptly told No by the customer service rep.  Thaat was all just No.  I would expect seeing how I have been a verizon wireless customer for approx. 15 years, have purchased 2 iPhone 6, and an iPad in the last year, and pay $300 a month, that the rep. might have said he could look at my account or see if there was anything he could do to assist instead.  I guess I will be looking into switching to sprint with their unlimited data, instead of continuing my service with verizon.

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Re: poor customer service


You can avoid the activation by signing up on the edge plan. However if you already signed a 2 year contract for the iPhone 6 then no, you can't switch the plan unless you are still within the 14 day return period. But then you'd pay a $35 restocking fee and you can't get back the already paid activation fees.