no verizon serive


Phone can have full to low bars with lte icon showing.  Fails to connect to calls. Freezes on hang ups. Texts are a 50/50 on sending. Multiple reboots sometimes works.

Service range more or less my town now (tri-state area)   2 weeks now this is happening  only my phone.   Others have low bars but don't loose complete.

Swapped networks sim cards and 0 issues . Tmobile.

I also use google voice . 100% sends texts on wifi. garbage shoot on data  and voice on that doesn't connect either.

Essential ph-1  my phone

Swapped 2 sim cards, factory reset, and 2 different in-store teck support. Both said id need tier 2 support online/phone.


Ironically I was able to make calls while at my local verizon store, but they said while my phone calls   all data shuts off   they said that's not normal.

Since I know tmobile works.  It would be a lot cheaper to just swap carries.  Trying one last save here before I do that.

Area code is 201

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Re: no verizon serive

Customer Support

swiperr, it would be devastating to see you leave the Verizon family.  We will look deep into this.  How far from your area do you have to go to get better service?  Were any changes made to your device (new or updated applications, software update, etc)?


Re: no verizon serive


So here  what works.  Google voice will always send and receive texts. Both on data and wifi.  Anything verizon line. Fails most the time

 I can have full vzw coverage. Same results.

Ive successful made maybe 10 calls in a week. Received 0.

Factory reset my phone a few times now

3 rd new sim card.   Help at the local store is useless  they just tell me. New sim card. Or since I didn't buy my phone there they can't help.

Phone. Essential ph-1 android 10

February 5, 2020 android security patch

June 30, 2020 google play system update

2.0.c4-M2.0.10 baseband version

#1 Wed Jan 15 11:28:15 PST 2020 kennel version


Any other info I can provide lmk please.