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I travel a lot through Wisconsin and coverage there can be very spotty.  I would recommend to Verizon to massively increase coverage in the Montello area.  There are hundreds of campsites within a few miles in that area and surrounded by lake fronts.  In most cases, there is no services for a lot of theses campsites and people have to travel to the nearest town to get phone service, internet etc.  If Verizon were to put a couple of towers around that central area, It would increase their business and people would stay in their locations longer spending money.  This is a Win Win for everyone.  So think Montello WI and having a tower there.  Most people are weekenders and do not stay for an extended time.  Businesses who like to take people out for a planning retreat or other activities cannot use this area as there is no coverage.  At the White Lake resort where I go, I can get a bar or sometime two bars.  Service is spotty and Wi-Fi is not possible.  With coverage, we could do all of that.  Please consider putting a tower or two around thatr area.  It would be great for business and the people that ;live there would be very happy with you.


thank you for the consideration.


Chuck Dexter Jr


Re: more coverage


Verizon Wireless may or may not own the access to the LTE frequencies in those areas. This would make it difficult for them to expand their coverage in those areas. 

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