how do i file a complaint?


I recieved a scam call stating they were verizon and my account had been suspended press 1... blah blah blah... it was not from a standard verizon number, probably spoofed number, and it was not the usual female computer voice i typically associate with calls from verizon... so I decided to inform verizon's fraud department this call was going around... they refused to talk to me or even take a report of the call... and now I simply wish to inform verizon of the lack of care they have for their customers and their security or to inform possible future curstomer that probably wont find this... VERIZON DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR SECURITY, OR YOUR SATISFACTION WITH THEIR PRODUCT... THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT GETTING YOUR MONEY!!!


Re: how do i file a complaint?

Community Manager
Community Manager

EveRRoaR, we do take this spam call concern seriously and apologize our Fraud Department didn't help address this matter via Customer Service or our Tech Support Team. To be transparent our Fraud Department wouldn't handle this inquiry unless there were unauthorized changes made on your account due to the phone call. 


We are aware of these automated calls stating that accounts are suspended and are working to block them the best we can. This is something we can report to our Phishing Team and ensure the number itself is reported/blocked. The overall security of your account and satisfaction will always be a top priority for us. Can you please provide the number that called you?


To help prevent unwanted spam calls going forward, please be sure to download our free Verizon Call Filter app. Our Call Filter Plus version is optional at $2.99 per line. If you're not expecting a phone call or don't recognize the number we don't recommend answering the phone call going forward. You can learn more at the link attached here: http://spr.ly/66011GBGl