bad service in montana


Today I walked into a Verizon store in Bozeman Mt.  The one on 29th ave.  We had called to see if they had an Iphone 11 128 in black which they told us they had several.  Upon arrival we had a long wait and by then said they had one left.  The salesman ask me if I wanted to trade in the old phone or I could pay it off and he then he could offer me more for it then what the payoff was.  I said fine.  He did a poor job of explaining that if was not a cash offer but only credit to account or on the new phone.  Too late to stop once I figured it out.  I am an intellignent person so had he at least made a better effort to explain I would have gotten it.  So moving on to the real issue.  Once I paid it off he then told me he made a mistake and that the phone he was selling me was for someone else.  So now I paid off my phone for nothing.  I got no apology for this on his part.  I could tell he realized he made hugh mistake and cost someone 239 bucks for nothing.  Next he offered to order the phone for me which would take 2 days.  Well I told him shipping to me was an issue because I am not home to sign for it and Verizon is strict on the sign for it issue he offered no other solution like another store or anything.   I asked if you could refund me my payoff and he told me know.  After leaving the store it hit me that is was a credit card transaction and why could he not refund it I walked back in and aksed for a manger.  For some reason the loser felt it necessary to come over to listen to my complaint as I spoke to manager which is whatever.   When I told the manger on duty what happen I got nothing. No I am sorry or how can we fix this just an offer to ship to store.  I told him I could fight the transaction with my back as it was not made in good faith ( which is possible, done it before) he told me there is cameras in the store and then could prove  i was lying.  No one said I was going to claim fraud.  Somehow I was able to got punch him for saying I was going to lie to my bank.   I told him to just order the dang phone.  Then when I go to do that he wanted to charge me 40 bucks to ship it.  Needless to say I walked out and went to a Verizon authorized store and had a great experience and had no issues.  But really Verizon  I was with Sprint for 7 years before getting on you network and I never had this sort of issue but you claim you are the best at customer service.  I also signed up for some add on the other day and was told I would get an email explaining how to use it.  Guess what? Nothing.  So I spent money, got nothing, and was called a liar.  Thanks verizon.   I will never suggest anyone sign up with you