account flagged as past due when it's a credit to me


I was previously a verizon customer who ported out to at&t 3 weeks ago and needless to say the grass was't greener so I've ported my 2 lines back tonight at a retail store.  Rather than a winback they created a new account and when they did it showed a past due balance(I didn't have).  We called and it is a credit balance on the old account as I told them.  This seems to be causing issues with the new account as I couldn't purchase equipment on an installment plan without putting half down.  I have excellent credit and this has never occurred before with VZW.  My retail store rep didn't have any idea what was going on and seemed pretty clueless.  There was some kind of temporary hold or something like that needed manual approval on my account--don't remember the exact verbiage.  Help!

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