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I wanted to get my 89 yr old father off my bill. He only needed a pay as u go phone.  When I called Verizon to see if this would affect my bill they told me it would go down $40/ month. He was my fourth line on an unlimited plan. They assured me my bill would my bill would go down without his line.  I called  the next day to ask again. I was worried my bill would be affected by losing a line. Again they assured me it would go down $40/ month.  Of course this was not true. My next bill was almost as big as before. My lines went up to $50/ month per line. When I called I was told the other representatives gave me wrong information. My bill could would be $50/ line per month for 3 lines.  How can I get told the same thing by two people with no guarantee it is correct or that Verizon will honor this information?  There must be recordings of these calls!

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Re: Wrong information

Verizon Employee
DONDEM36, The last thing we ever want is for a customer to feel mislead or to be given misinformation when it comes to changes that are made on their plans. I would like the opportunity to take a closer look into this for you, so we can see what went wrong. I have sent you a private message, so I can investigate this further. Please respond to my private message, so I can take a closer look at your account.


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