Wrong information provided now being charged for it. Shameful!!


Verizon representative was looking to unlock my phone for international travel but couldn't due to a system error, to compensate for the inconvenience he offered to give me travel pass for 4 days which is $10.00 a day and he gives me - $40.00 credit so I wouldn't get charged. I thought there was no travel pass for this country but the representative insisted there was and he was going to sign me up for that, I thought to myself - ok if Verizon says it, I better believe it. He immediately put -$40 credit on my account and we hung up the phone, happy and satisfied.

Now 15 days later I get a text message, your bill is higher than expected call Verizon. I called back and they tell me there is a $600+ charge on my phone for international call and roaming. Well yeah, we did international calling because I have travel pass for $10.00 a day I used all that I could, but $600 bucks is a mistake, I have travel pass.. but no that wasn't the case !! No madam, you are on a pay as you go plan, there is no travel pass for this country and we sent you an email about this.

Guys when you Dial 611, the automated machine will say "the hold time to talk to an EXPERT is ..... mins"...NOOOT!!!! the case with Verizon! 

This guy who was sent me the email had told me he was going to send me a confirmation via email but guess what ???  Instead, he sends an email and with "pay as you" rates !!!! Because I wasn't expecting any contradictory information and just a confirmation about what we had just discussed over the phone, I didn't check! 

Now will someone tell me, if a Verizon representative over the phone ensures there will be "travel pass" with no charges to my account and gives me -$40.00 credit to compensate, will I believe that representative over the phone ? or doubt him and look out for an EMAIL that I wasn't expecting to have inconsistent and "contradictory" information ??

Tell me how many of you guys look out for a confirmation email, when you have talked directly to Verizon for something that "THEY OFFER TO GIVE YOU FOR CAUSING AN INCONVENIENCE". 

I called back to dispute the charges now they are acting like they did their due diligence by sending me an email with pay rates.. something that I wasn't even expecting and Verizon is not willing to take off all the charges that they have put on my account! They gave me some credit but not all. I have been a loyal customer to Verizon, but this is how they treat me?

Handing me a cost for their mistake, why should I pay for that? This is not a one-sided loyalty program Verizon.  it's completely owning up to your mistakes and knowing the first rule to customer service is "the customer is always right" or LOSING LOYALTY.

Happy Holidays!