Worst Customer Experience Ever!


This company by far has the WORST customer service I've faced in the last 15 years!

  1. They botched my first attempt to activate a Gizmo
  2. They kept my 35 dll credit for over a year and still won't close the acccount
  3. They again messed up a 2nd attempt to transfer my old account to a new gizmo
  4. It took me over 6 hr to setup an online account over 2 weeks of trying and beint transferred on the phone multiple times!
  5. Now, i am enrolled in autopay and there is a 0.29 dll balance that didn't pay for some reason, the website wants me to pay it but won't take payments under 1 dll. How am I supposed to pay the balance?
  6. I tried the chat in their website: doesn't work.
  7. I tried their messenger: No one answers. (Why bother?)
  8. There is no email address to send a question.
  9. Given my phone experience with them, I refuse to waste any more time calling their CS lines!
  10. I don't want to pay my full bill yet before autopayment because I don't want it to charge me double, I already know how they deal with balances they owe you (which don't pay you interest by the way)


By far the worst customer experience, and then they have the nerve to ask me to transfer my Sprint accounts. NO WAY!

Go to Sprint, better service by a mile! Not to mention better plans and pricing!


Re: Worst Customer Experience Ever!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hearing your feedback is helpful, but alarming. Seeing that you have been met with so many pushbacks, I am determined to turn around your customer service and device experience. I'm sorry to hear that you have been having issues reaching us. Having you depart the Verizon family would be a sad turn of events. To address all concerns, please provide us with your full name, a good number, time, and time zone to reach you.