Won't let me add any payment methods, AND customer support page is blank


Come on, what's wrong with these guys? Two different payment methods (debit card and checking account) are declined for different reasons. One is them complaining that my account number, which I entered using only numbers, has non-numeric characters in it? The other method ends up with a bar on top with a red "warning" sign... and a completely empty message box. I would ask this on customer service except that their "Contact Us" link at the top leads to NOTHING, a completely blank page. I'm astonished that they can fail in so many different ways simultaneously. All I want to do is add a new payment method - do any of you have ideas on how I might do this when the obvious methods do not work?

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Re: Won't let me add any payment methods, AND customer support page is blank

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. Though we never want to hear that it's for this reason, we'd be more than happy to review the options we have to ensure this gets fixed. To start, let's gather more details pertaining to your current situation. How long has this been happening for? Also, can you clarify if the latest software update has been provided not only on your device, but on the MyVerizon application if available? Last, to use your time to the best of our ability, can we have you confirm if you've performed any troubleshooting steps on your device since this has started to happen?


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