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WiFi Calling

I live in an area with towers that VZW refuses to upgrade.  We do not get a consistent 4G signal.  The rest of the world is talking about getting 5G and 95% of the time I have zero service on my phone while at home.  This happens to people both on postpaid and prepaid plans, there is no difference in the signal.  VZW refuses to allow WiFi calling to be turned on using unlocked Motorola phones.  The only reason we continue to remain with VZW us because they do have the best signal once you leave the local area, but it is very frustrating that no one has listened to us.  This has been going on for isn't a new problem.  If you refuse to upgrade the towers at least let us use WiFi calling on unlocked phones!  This is just another way VZW forces people to buy their junk when you can get a much better deal on an unlocked phone.