Why can't Verizon set up corporate discounts?


We have been trying to get the Amazon employee discount for several months and tired of the lies from Verizon.  We have tried the email confirmation multiple times and that doesn't work.  We have even tried providing a paystub and that doesn't work.  First we were told that the discount would not start until the contract ended.  Lie #1.  We have been told multiple times that it has been set up and we should see the discount in a few days.  More lies.  The customer service folks for this are idiots.  Guess you can tell we aren't very happy with Verizon right now.

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Re: Why can't Verizon set up corporate discounts?

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I want you to be happy with your Verizon Wireless service. I can definitely help you with your discount. This can be done quick and easy online. Just go to vzw.com/discounts and follow the steps. There's no need to visit a store location or anything like that. The discount can be added even faster if you have an email address with Amazon.com

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