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Why am I still getting billing statements saying I owe money when I had my bill waived and account deactivated last month?

Last month, I had a bill come in and I thought my account was deactivated. Apparently, this wasn't the case because it was only suspended for 3 months. I contacted the chat line to ensure the account was disconnected and deactivated (which they took care of supposedly). This month I received a phone bill as if it was still activated however, this isn't the case. The chat personnel stated that all bills were waived by their supervisor (due to the phone not being used since February) and the account is now closed (even though I am still receiving bills for it). Due to my weird work hours, I am unable to contact Verizon by phone and I can't live chat anymore because I no longer have a Verizon account. If anyone know of another way to contact them for assistance, such as an email. That would be much appreciated.

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