Why am I forced to us 3G on the Jetpack?

Well, 18 days left in my billing cycle, and Verizon is once again sending me the 10% "Your out of data! Spend more money now!" text. I'm still baffled by how our data usage has gone up over 6x on the same number of devices and no change in usage habits.

I posted on this earlier, but now the conversation is locked:


Verizon's answers were mostly worthless, as expected.

I left "Safety Mode" on the whole month, but didn't realize that has no effect at ALL until it's too late and you've used 90% of your data. Verizon is clearly ripping people off with their data accounting, somehow -- FCC complaints are up over tenfold in the last few months:


The only potentially-useful reply I got was from @Weth, who said this:

"Another thing to see if you can switch your Jetpack to 3G only, that will self throttle your service also."

How does one accomplish this?

Verizon: I'm furious with you. Will be moving two or our three devices to AT&T soon, if this money-grab data usage manipulation strategy continues.

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I never want to hear of anyone being this angry, TiltingWindmills. Safety mode kicks in to prevent overages on your data. http://vz.to/2a1rWSE It does not slow down your speeds until you have reached your limits.

There seems to be a lot of discussion over data usage. I agree that you, your usage habits probably have not changed, but the way data is delivered has. For example, if you were shopping for a home, a year ago, you would have seen a picture of the home and that is it. Today, you see videos of the house and all the angles. That is why data use has increased so much. Its not that you have changed; the content that is delivered has changed.

Snn5, gave you the way to change your network settings to 3G. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

I do not want to see you go through the hassle of switching services when you can remain in our family. We do have Family Base that may be beneficial for you in helping managing data. http://vz.to/1VIwoG6 Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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