Who would switch to Unlimited if.....


their company discount were included? I've seen several mention this so hopefully we can load up the comments to get the attention of Verizon. I currently am on the 8GB $70 plan with 18GB of bonus data, so a total of 26GB plus carry over, which is usually close to 8GB. With my company discount(20%) I'm paying $56 a month. to go to the unlimited plan would be a jump of $44. That's too much, but if I got the 20% discount the price increase would be $24. That I would do. Verizon would get another $24 a month from me and I doubt our data usage would increase too much more. Anyone else?

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Re: Who would switch to Unlimited if.....

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It's easy to say your data usage wouldn't increase too much more. The possibility still exists, though.

IF my company discount were included with unlimited data, I doubt I would make that switch. I currently have a 15 GB data allowance across 4 smartphones and a smartwatch. We normally use 9-11 GB of data/month.

My data cost would jump from $78($100 with 22% discount) to $85.80($110 with 22% discount). My line access fees would jump from $65(4 x $15 for smartphones plus $5 for smartwatch) to $85(4 x $20 for smartphones plus $5 for smartwatch). My monthly taxes would ALSO increase since it is based upon the line access fees. That is a total increase of over $27.80 and I KNOW my data usage would not increase.

The way I see it, if you need more data make the switch. If you don't need more data stick with what you have. If you need more data, why didn't you increase your allowance when higher data tiers were available which DID allow employer discounts. It appears you didn't need more data then, you only want to increase now to say you have unlimited data? It appears you have the Verizon Plan which includes Safety Mode. Just activate safety mode and live with your current data allowance if you are unwilling to pay the increase for unlimited.

I don't think it is unreasonable for an increase of less than double to go from an 8 GB data allowance to an unlimited data allowance. How many lines on your account. How much/line is that $44 increase? Withe 18 GB of bonus data, it sounds as if it is 9 lines. That would make it a $4.89 increase PER LINE just to have unlimited data. I don't think $32/line + tax is an unreasonable cost to have unlimited data.

Yes, it would be nice to have the discount. No, I don't think the increase is unreasonable without the discount. No, I don't have any plans to switch back to unlimited data with or without the discount.