Re: What is the $20 "Minimum service contract fee"?


Once your line ends its contract in May, the cost will drop to match to the standard pricing.

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Re: What is the $20 "Minimum service contract fee"?

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You said:

"I understand if a phone is under agreement with payments but in this case the phone is paid for and it appears that verizon doesn't want  to lose any money therefore the $20 charge."

To clear up the confusion (as you are not understanding this part 100%):

Line access charges previously were $40 monthly which is when 2 year agreements were being done, meaning the price of the phone was subsidized over the period of that 2 year agreement.

With the newer plans Verizon now has you pay a $20 Line Access Charge ($20 less than you were paying while unlimited plans you are paying $25 less than you would be). This is because the price of the phone is not being subsidized over a 2 year (contract) period.

Essentially it comes out to the same price if you are getting your phones from VZW,  but whereas previously you paid less for a phone and more for service, now you pay more for the phone and less for the service.

I am sorry the rep didn't advise you of this up front as I see it happening fairly often. I don't think it's intentional-- they just don't take the time to see which lines are in contract prior to making the plan change.

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Re: What is the $20 "Minimum service contract fee"?

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J2771, I am sorry to learn of the problems you are having with your bill charges. We want everyone to have a complete understanding their bills. I just sent you a direct message so that we can take a closer look at this for you.




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Re: What is the $20 "Minimum service contract fee"?

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J2771 wrote:

I am on the beyond unlimited plan, I am paying per lines, not alacarte as you say. I transferred a line under contract and per verizon rep since I was just transferring the line I would not incur any charges. My problem comes from the rep assuring me there would be no additional fees!

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Again, you are not understanding your plan.  Please read your bill.  On the beyond unlimited plan your data plan is priced ala carte.

1.  data plan. (Attached to the primary line on your bill). In your case ‘beyond Unlimited‘

2.  Line fees.  ($20 out of contract.   $40 in contract)

3.  Installments if any

4.  Taxes

You are averaging your total bill buy dividing total by number of lines.  It’s a marketing gimMick for comparison to other carriers, but that is NOT how the plan is priced. 

Again, you have not “incurred extra charges” and are not “paying extra fees”. You are paying the same $40 line fee on the old and new plan until the contract is complete.  It seems they split the line access into 2 $20 Rather than one $40.  An”extra fee or charge” would be an upgrade fee, an activation fee or possibly a one time charge for change of billing responsibility.  These are one time, not recurring.