What if i cant pay my balance off?


I've never had a problem paying my phone bill off every month. Well  right after we upgraded some phones a coupletter of months ago , I basically took a cut in pay at my job. I don't get  paid near as much as I did. I have other bills I have to get paid as well. So if I can't pay my balance off by the payment arrangement date will VERIZON turn our phones off????

Any information???

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Re: What if i cant pay my balance off?

Customer Support


Oh my! I’m sorry to hear bout your current job situation. That has to be so very hard on you. Whenever you are not able to make a payment arrangement, you are able to contact Financial Services to see how they can possibly arrange a different payment for you. To reach Financial Services, please dial 866-266-1445. However, I would like to review your account to make sure we have you on the best valued plan for you usage & to see if there are any possible saving offers. I’m going to send you a Private Message to gather more details to help. Please respond back to me in the Private Message to continue.

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