What has happened to Slacker Radio's Ringbacks & Ringtones?


I cannot find any information regarding Slacker Radio's Ringbacks & Ringtones subscription that Verizon was offering but it's suddenly gone. It's no longer showing up on Slacker's website or their mobile app and it's no longer available in the list of premium products and apps. I've also searched online and here in the community to try and find answers but haven't had any luck thus far. Is anyone else subscribed to this service and do you still have yours or does anyone know anything at all about what's going on?? I just refuse to use Verizon's service because you pay per month, along with for each individual ringback and ringtone. You could set both up with Slacker for a recurring charge of $2.00 per month and the quality was outstanding! I really hope this is just a temporary thing....

Any information would be so appreciated.



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