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What are your experiences with "Verizon Customer Support"? It used to be fine, but not I find it non-existent?

What are your experiences with Verizon so-called "Customer Support"? Except for a few excellent agents, I find it to have regressed to the stone age. You might as well send them your ongoing problem by messenger pigeon because no one is responsible and just gives you another no. to call, wait 40 minutes, and then be told wrong no for issue. I requested a WPA2 encrypted router (Microsoft told me WPA is like having no security at all) and a Verizon agent came out twice with an alleged WPA2 router. The third agent came and said you do not have WPA2; Verizon has  told us to get rid of the old routers before we give the WPA2 to customers. This was incredulous at the time. But nothing Verizon does now surprises me.

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