Walmart associate damaged phone when replacing SIM chip.


My name is michael, and i am reporting an incident that just happened at the  Super Wallmart, on Platte ave,  in the colorado springs location.i am sending this Report only because of how the manager, and 2 associates thus responded, Ive attached a reciept of the stores location as well as the managers information.


I went to Walmart around 9:15 pm inquiring if i had to buy a whole new SIM  BYOP package if all i needed was the plastic adapter to insert the chip in.

Walmart clarified that they didnt have any SIM  adapters  standing alone out of the package, but since they do activations 24 hours a day, and its just a piece of plastic holding a MICRO SIM in place (PRE-PAID DEVICE) allowing it to be inserted into a phone utalizing bigger sized SIMS, hence the( BYOP?) this ability being available with Verizon via there Pre-paid campaign. Suffice to say, the sim  popped out of the adapter when trying to insert it, and When trying to remove the adapter in order to insert and try again, she pulled hard enough to bend the data connection pins up ,and out of there original siting positions. A few were facing in the opposite direction all together.. I was looking right at her when it happened, and told her that i believe i saw the  pins come out . She said oh.. and pushed the pins back over and  down with her fingernail. A that time a male associate came by, and offered to help. He noticed the bent pins,  since his first choice ,from his lanyard, were  keys to thick to properly work, , he chose  a thin bobby pin connected to his lanyard as the proper tool  , and worked the pins back in place. He then Inserted the SIM and told me to have a great day. As im walking away, i turn  the phone on, and the phone indicates NO SIM installed, I turn around and state to the female associate that it isn't reading my SIM. I hint to her my concern that it might be because of the bent pins. she then asks the male associate if those pins are important, since they only hold the sim in place. He is hesitant in his response, but confirms those pins are important, and necessary for operation. She removes the sim, and is surprised to see pins missing, totally. I take a picture of the damage, and await  a resolution. I am asked if i have insurance, so i begin to call verizon. Im with verizon automated line, searching for the correct extention for customer service in case of emergencys. Its about 20 minutes later, it now being 9:45 pm, and im at the electronics cashiers counter still trying to speak to a represenative  with no cuccess. I cant find, nor do the associates, whom are trained to activate verizon accounts 24 hours of the day if a customer should come in to buy one, knowlegable of any way to get a hold of verizon at that time.  The associates had by then closed the issue and were adament that no line existed to talk to a real person at this time.  I did ask the associates, whenever they would come out from the back to help a guest with payment, if there was a line that they could call for me, like an activation line ex.3 .  since  all efforts circumvented an automated answering service. They both concurred that they didnt, and  said no, and concluded the next plan of action would be for myself  to call customer service in the morning, and come back tomorrow if i didnt have insurance.

Thats it. Case closed.

My field of employment exercises daily in the resolutions of errors in the customer service industry, ,I recognized immediately that they chose manipulation as a resolution instead of accepting responsibility. .  I could of  of been a customer who would of not only walked away with a broken phone, that i paid 600 dollers for, but i would of not been able to prove they broke my phone.  Verizon would of  told me that since i had no way to verify the incident,   that they are sorry, but they are not responsible to compensate for a 3rd party distributors alleged mistake, especially without holding any type of insurance , this being a pre-paid account

Luckely the cash register is monitored and everything can be reviewed CCTV , from the actual moment of damage, to every question i asked in order to reach a resolution,All avoided by associates to management.

I felt that i was being lied to, and manipulated by, not only by the 2 associates in the electronics dept, but by  the manager as well. When he finally arrived, he stated that an email was sent out about what happened, THAT I WAS TO CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT, and return to speak to him after all those options were exhausted.

I clarified that the email would be ineffective. Especially without the complaints name, or phone number. And that i recognize avoidance when ts exercised. I felt extremely disrespected that the supervisor felt professionally comfortable in lying,to postpone an issue. So i just got wha i knew i needed to resolve this on my own

ive attached it all

I askd for documentation. which he provided incomplete

Then had to ask for his credentials to authenticate the paper, he wrote it in pen after the form was printed .. which i had to ask twice for.

I then asked for JOHN [Removed]

and the supervisor finally  took a picture of the damage on the phone, and and finally asked me what kind of phone i have.

The reciept clearly indicates a JOHN


as being the supervisor there, I will send a copy of this to him as well.

Please review and contact me at your earliest convenience.

May i have my phone fixed please



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Re: Walmart associate damaged phone when replacing SIM chip.

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This would be a matter between you and Walmart, not Verizon. In the future, if you don't want someone else damaging your phone you should change the SIM card yourself. You have no way of knowing what type of experience someone has to do such a task and it is unlikely Walmart does not have some sort of policy absolving themselves from blame if a customer asks an employee to perform such a task. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before they would stop offering to do such a task.Smiley Happy