Verizon trade-in scam and worst customer service ever


I just find out I am not the only who is frustrated with Verizon regarding their trade-in program. I have 4 lined in Verizon since 2015. at 2016 I find out Verizon have a trade-in program for $650 to trade in iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6s+. My wife submitted 3 trade-in requests online for 3 phones. However, We only received one trade-in mail-box. then my wife called Verizon and told Verizon we request 3 trade-in device but only received one mail-box. several days later  We got another 2 trade-in box and we mailed it in one time.

at Nov 2017, I found out our bill is not right and the issue was driven by Verizon only give one device trade-in credit instead of 3. I called agent. That agent apologized to me and told me they made a mistake and I they will issue the credit to those two lines. I trust Verizon again at that time.

3 days ago(Sep,14) when I review my phone bill again. I found out the credit has not been issued to those lines. And called Verizon again. spend 3 hr with one of the agents in the trade-in department. she said to refund me $1300 credit she needs a directors signature and said she put all the note into their system. and promised me I will receive a phone call from a director at 8am.

Sep,15.2018 woke up at 8 am and waited until 10 am. no one called me. I have to call Verizon again. and I was transferred from one agent to another agent. spend another 1 hr on the phone finally the Director told me he came to office late. and he had to talk to one of the analysts to discuss how to issue the credit to me. And he will call me back by the end of today(Sep.15).

no one called me at Sep 15.

Sep 16 2018. I called Verizon again, spend another hr on the phone. another  supervisor told me, They did not receive those two phones. regardless I told him those two phones already been found in their storage place. he told me he is not able to find the supervisor and agent who spoke to me before. the only way to find them is to write a complaint form. and they may return my phone call after receiving the complaint form

Sep 17 2018. I called Verizon again. and have to start over all the process again. stay on the phone for another 3 hrs.  then I was told. they are not able to find who spoke to me. they said they are not able to find the trade-in id for those two devices and only able to give me $250 to me. and they are doing the favor for me now. If I denied those credit I will receive nothing.

I denied their favor. and  I'm completely disgusted with the customer service I have received. After reading many feeds on the internet I feel that I am not alone in what has happened to me. Verizon used different methods to not give the customer the trade in credit. 

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Re: Verizon trade-in scam and worst customer service ever


We left Verizon because they were ask to remove a device back in

march/April and refuse to credit the account for their mistake but

constantly commented about the bill now being paid after adding 3 reconnect

charges per device(4 devices) for 3 months.