Verizon switched my number without authorization!!


While chatting online with a representative the other night on how to add an account manager, one of my numbers in my plan was switched without my knowledge or authorization!! This happened during the chat as can be verified by the log. The representative goes by "Jesse". As soon as I discovered this the next day, I drove to a Verizon store to try to switch the number back. The first two representatives that I spoke to were of no help, in fact, both were quite condescending, telling me that something like this couldn't happen, implying that I was lying! But, they could clearly see from my account log that shows that the number was switched during a chat session. Besides, why would I want to switch my number from a Northeast number to one in Louisiana and spend several frustrating hours the next day trying to switch it back?? To make a long story short, after switching to yet a new number in the Northeast, I left but then decided to ask one more question. When I went back, I got a third representative, who appeared to be a supervisor (he wears a different T-shirt from the earlier two). Now, he was different. After explaining again my situation, he told me that what I wanted to do in my question couldn't be done, but suggested that I should call the technical support service to see if they could help me recover the old number since it would be several days before it is completely out of the system. I did and after another hour+ on the phone, my old number was recovered!!! I'm so grateful to the technical staff who helped me with this, and he showed a lot of courtesy understanding that I'm under a lot of duress!!

I'm really writing this to suggest several things to Verizon:

First, you really need to improve your customer service. Instead of telling me "I don't know, I'm not part of the conversation" several times, you can say something like "I'm sorry this happened, let me see how I may be able to help you". Of course, if they start with the assumption that I was lying, then ...

When I asked about whether there is a fee for the switch to a new Northeast number, I was countered with "I'm not asking you for any money, am I?" Come on, a simple answer like, "No, there is no fee" would really make a frustrated customer feel much better!

Second, I'm really convinced that there is a disgruntled employee in Verizon who is engaging in random acts of sabotage. I'm serious about this and I hope that Verizon will investigate this.

Third, it is surprising that there is no double authentication for something as important as switching a number. For example, there is no email/text message asking for verification for the switch! There is also no follow-up email/text after the switch has taken place. Both could stop an unauthorized number switch.

I'm hopeful that Verizon would take into consideration my suggestions.

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