Verizon sent my account to collections without resolving dispute.


I had a verizon wireless account which I disconnected after 2 year contract. Everything was verified by me that I don't own them anything and I was no more on contract, but after some time verizon sent me a bill with early termination fee on it which I disputed. Every month I was calling them, I got response that my account is under review. Suddenly this month, I received a mail from Collections and my account was sent over to collections without notifying and telling me anything regarding the status of dispute.

This is such a harassment from verizon and now that I am going over reviews and comments on forums from other people, verizon is in this bad practice of doing this to so many customers.

I am not coming back to verizon anymore for my whole life.

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Re: Verizon sent my account to collections without resolving dispute.

Community Manager
Community Manager


I can understand being upset when learning that your account was sent to collections. Especially, since you were "under review" for the early termination fee. We don't want you to feel harassed at all and would like the opportunity to look at things. Please check your inbox for a message from me.


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