Verizon robs people!


To start this off I have been with Verizon for over 2 years now and have had little to no problems. However I have been dealing with the problem that I have still yet to get fixed since July 3rd, 2014. I am just writing this to inform everyone who is unaware of how Verizon treats their hard working customers. On July 3rd, 2014 I had a broken phone that I paid the $100 to get replaced due to paying Verizon the $5 monthly for insurance. Once receiving the phone I called Verizon to activate it. At this point I want to point out I paid the $100 for the replacement of the phone and upon receiving it followed the instructions Verizon provided to get it activated and working. The Verizon "Empoyee" screwed everything up from here. Instead of activating my phone and calling it a day, he activates the phone on the wrong line. So I now have 2 phones on the same phone number if that makes sense. I had no clue something like this was even possible. After explaining him the situation for 30 minutes he decides to suspend the line HE accidentally activated on the wrong line. This is where it gets good. He then procceds to disconnect my line then reconnect my line. Little did I know this was costing me $15 dollars for the disconnection and the reconnection. So when I got my bill in August it was $30 more than normal. I thought I had just went over my data and been charged as it stated on my bill. Verizon never informed me of these charges, never informed me of a suspension, and never refunded my money until I started disputing this a little over a month ago. I then received my credit just last week for $30. However when trying to sign up for the EDGE program I am told I need to wait 6 more months to be eligible due to my suspension in July. How does this work? You give me a $30 credit and tell me it's been taken care of. However you have no way of taking my suspended service off due to YOUR employee messing up. So now I am sitting here 2 weeks before Christmas and no new phones as I promised my spouse. This is ridiculous. I have been having this problem for 6 months and Verizon does nothing but take my money and not even tell me. My 2 year contract is up today and a miracle will have to happen for me to sign another one. I just wanted to let others know that Verizon will slip fees into your bill and they will come back to haunt you with a surprise. Whenever they see the problem they will also do everything but blame themself. I hope my story helps others out there that are being robbed and don't know it. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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