Verizon reports WAY more data usage than Android


I have a family plan with four phones. Mine is the primary phone number. We are around 75% of our data usage so I'm looking into who's using it all. Verizon's MyUsage page says my phone is has used 2.5G this month but when I check the Android data usage it shows only 1G. I understand these could be a bit off, but when Verizon says it's 150% higher that's troubling. Why might it be so different? How can I find out the discrepancy? I properly aligned the cycle dates for Android (today is the last day) so that's not it.

Verizon reports 57% (1.4G) of my data comes from "Web & Apps" and splits that down further pointing to 24% (0.7G) from "News". I don't have any news apps, nor do I visit new websites on my phone. I look at Google Now occasionally so that's the only thing I think would fit. Android reports the top data user as Google Services (.26G) followed by Podcast Addict (.13G).

My main concern here is that the two don't match so I can't rely on my phone warning me if it use too much.

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Re: Verizon reports WAY more data usage than Android

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Community Manager

Spartlow I understand your concern regarding the data usage as I would be as well. The data that you see reported via your online account is accurate based on how the phone connects to our data network. As the reporting on the phone can have many different factors as to why it may be different. I keep track of my data via my device as a gauge as well but it is not always accurate. I would recommend to keep viewing the data utilization and dialing #data for the data usage

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