Verizon messages force close as soon as I try to type


I got a text on Saturday that said I only had 10% data left, and when I checked my account, I had 75% data left.  Chat support person said the 75% was correct.  Today I got a text (from 900040001000) saying I was OUT of data, and would be charged.  Again checked my account, and have 67% data left.

Customer service again confirmed larger amount was correct, but could not explain why I got the texts.  Anyone else have this issue?  Very disconcerting!

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Re: Verizon messages force close as soon as I try to type

Community Manager
Community Manager

ConfusedinSC, extra charges are certainly never something that I like to see. You have taken exactly the right action in reaching out to us when you have received these alerts. We do apologize that you have received these alarming messages as I know that they would have me in a panic. When checking your usage on the app, under the Data Hub, how many GB of data are showing used? Which plan do you currently have?LorenB_VZW

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