Verizon makes it impossible to get the military discount and I’m already thinking of switching.


I decided to switch my entire family to Verizon last month and opened up nine new lines with new phones and all. They claimed that it would be easy to get the military discount. The account is under my own name, but I have performed all the necessary steps of adding my mother the Air Force vet to the account as a manger and having her verify. However, once verification is completed and you go to the actual Verizon page to complete the process, this nonsense message about entering a valid first name comes up. I have tried my mother’s name, my name, spelling it out, auto filling it, and have still had no luck getting past this. It’s almost as if Verizon will do anything they can to avoid actually giving a military discount to veterans, which is one reason we even decided to go with their network to begin with. I’m hoping they will resolve this but if they do not, I think I may very well have to just take my entire family business and nine lines to AT&T instead. Any workarounds to this? Thanks in advanced.