Verizon chooses to lose a 20 year customer over $30 a month


I have three devices on Verizon, two which are not active. One is a mobile phone which was stolen. I continued to make the monthly payments in addition also paying the monthly installments on the device. I still have 12 months to pay off the device. I asked Verizon, since my contract had ended for this particular device, if it could be removed from my account. Verizon told me that they could remove the device however I would need to pay the balance of the phone in the next billing cycle. I explained, unfortunately, that would not be possible and asked if I could just continue making the monthly payments or perhaps come to an agreement for installments. Verizon stated that would not be possible. I explained to them I have been a Verizon customer since they transitioned from Air Touch in the 90's. I also explained that I was placed on disability due to a diabetic infection and amputation so currently I'm on a extremely limited monthly budget. I have a commitment to pay for the device I owe on but was hoping Verizon could possibly accommodate a plan that would be reasonable and fair to both of us. They stood firm and denied my request. I further explained my contract is up in October so then it would probably be in my best interest to look into other providers. Verizon's response was their typical "we don't want to lose you" but would not do anything to try and help me out. On top of all this I was given a "free" tablet two years ago as an upgrade promotion. The tablet stopped working six months ago. I now come to find that this tablet had a contract! I made it very clear at the store the only way I would take the tablet is that there would be no commitments or obligations which the ensured me on. So I'm paying $10 a month for something that broke on me. After explaining this to Verizon the option they gave me was 30% off the monthly $10 fee and I would have to commit to another two years. Really!? I've always enjoyed Verizon's quality of service and this behavior today was totally unexpected. It's unfortunate that one of the largest mobile companies in the world is OK losing a committed customer of more than 20 years for over $30 a month.

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Re: Verizon chooses to lose a 20 year customer over $30 a month


Even if you cancelled the lines you are still financially responsible for the agreements you made to continue service or payment installments so you would be required to pay the ETF and/or the remaining balance on the devices. Perhaps in the future you will better understand the agreements you are signing.

Could you transfer your active phone to the line with the device payment and drop the other line if it is out of contract? Could you transfer the financial responsibility of the tablet line to other person who has a tablet they own and could be activated on that line?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.


Re: Verizon chooses to lose a 20 year customer over $30 a month


Very good suggestions from Ann154.

While I am not insensitive to your circumstance there is nothing Verizon is able to do as the billing system only knows what is billed every month and cannot be manually over ridden. If it could then employees would be "doing favors' for their friends and family. There are lots of checks in place. I was out of work for 6 months when I had 2 strokes and heart surgery and I was not getting all of my salary from short term disability. I still had to make all my payments on time.