Verizon blocks Auto Pay resulting in loss of discount


I use auto pay through my checking account to pay my Verizon Wireless bill and enjoy the convenience and  $10/line discount. Earlier this year my checking account was purchased by another bank resulting in a change in my checking account information. The bank notified all of the vendors impacted by the account number change including Verizon. However, something went wrong and my Verizon payment did not process resulting in penalty charges from Verizon.

I called Verizon support and the representative removed the charges but could not re-enable auto pay which Verizon had disabled. After being transferred to 3 other representatives I was told they would not allow auto pay due to a reversal of the payment. The representative could explain what that meant nor could they tell me what failed in the auto pay. I asked repeatedly to tell me what caused the auto pay to fail and could not get an answer and Verizon still refuses to enable auto pay on my account resulting in a $10 per line increase in my bill which I am refusing to pay. Now Verizon is charging additional late fees on my account and it is impossible to talk to anyone at Verizon that can help. All I want is to have auto pay re-enabled and the additional fees credited.

Re: Verizon blocks Auto Pay resulting in loss of discount

Customer Support

Fhancock, we are sorry to learn that your Auto Pay was removed due to an issue with your bank, but we are happy to review what we can do to help resolve this. We have sent you a Private Note to continue with your concern.