Verizon app not working!


My Verizon app has not been working for a little over two months now. I was originally on an iPhone XS Max and now I am on an Xr. I was told before to try resetting my phone and redone loading the app. That did not work. I googled around and seen that other people have had this issue and are still having this issue. Verizon doesn’t seem to know how to fix it because they never respond with the fix to any of the people asking about it. I seen on Twitter multiple people asking about it and all customer support said was follow us and let’s talk. If multiple people are having this issue wouldn’t you make the fix public? Anywho, I called customer service about this issue and I was transferred and told to hold and then nobody came to the phone.... I really, truly, just want to be able to pay my bill and see what I have going on in my account ( BY MYSELF, I DONT WANT A REP TO ASSIST ME, I CAN PAY MY BILL ON MY OWN IF VERIZON WOULD JUST FIX THE DARN APP) at this point it’s beyond irritating that I have to either call to pay my bill or jump through hoops on the website trying to pay a bill when there’s a whole app that no one can use!. Do you not want customers Verizon???  Is there anyone out there who knows how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!