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Verizon Wireless Corporate Email?


Good evening all,

Does anyone know the email address to write to Verizon Wireless corporate office?  I was blatantly lied to and given the wrong information TWICE (and I have the chat transcripts to even prove it) but yet Verizon will still not honor it.  Not right at all and I have been a loyal member for 7+ years.  Anyone know the email address?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Verizon Wireless Corporate Email?

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Re: Verizon Wireless Corporate Email?


That's vzw. Good luck getting help. I've been lied to as well. Corp would not do anything about it. File a complaint with the BBB. Im switching  once I get my phones paid down where it's affordable for me to switch.  Up until 2 years ago vzw was excellent in all areas. Now they have really gone down hill. Customer support is nonexistent. It's bad when they ignore customer issues  & don't work to resolve issues.