Verizon-Up Super Tickets R 4-Real!!


I've been a member of the VerizonUp Rewards Program since the beginning.  Since the program started, I've gotten various discount coupons for: Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and many other major retailers (No Complaints There!).  But I always thought their contest to win SuperTickets; was a Hoax.  Because on several different occasions, I've tried to win tickets for various concerts, but I was never able to win anything.

I figured the Superticket Contest was just a Con, to drum up business for the VerizonUp Program.  Then on September 23, 2019, VerizonUp was offering Free Tickets for a Phill Collins Conert in New York City on October 6, 2019.  I figured it was another Hoax, but I entered the contest; anyway.....And I Won!!😁😁

The Tickets were NOT CHEAP!....They were Premium VIP Seating.  My wife and I arrived at the concert and entered the arena through The Special VIP Entrance.  We were then escorted to our seats by the Verizon Concierge...I was Totally Amazed.  I was once a skeptic, now I'm a believer....Thank You Verizon,  for you Generosity...

If anyone else has a VerizonUp Concert Experience....Feel Free to Share..

OH, And By The Way...The Phill Collins Concert was AWESOME!!😊😁😊