Verizon Up Login Issues


I'm trying to claim a reward, the app takes me to a log in screen, but that screen refuses to acknowledge that the password box is a box to enter text into (keyboard will not populate).  I can select the help and forgot password (neither of which actually help as i know my password but can't enter the information).  I went as far as deleting the app's data, and logging in from scratch, still refusing to give me the keyboard option.  All other uses for the keyboard work, within the app, except for attempting to claim a reward.  Keyboard works for other apps, google chrome, reddit, facebook, twitter, texting, etc.  My phone is a Pixel 4.


Re: Verizon Up Login Issues

Customer Support

scruffymonkey, assistance is here as we always want you to have access to your rewards. Thank you so much for providing all the steps you have taken as it does help. To ensure we are on the same page, do you currently have a reward available for the rewards program? I see you stated that you cleared the app's data. Is the application on the latest software? Please advise.