Verizon Edge

Okay so I was told three times that I was eligible for Verizon Edge on May 7th 2015. Then when I went in on May 8th to get the phones I picked out with using Edge I got told I wasn't eligible for Edge even though it showed up for the last three months that I was. So the sales rep at my local Verizon store called customer service and I ended up having to talk to the lady who said that I meet all the criteria for Verizon Edge but I couldn't do it since I wasn't eleven months into my contract but I know for a fact I was. Since it was May 14 of last year to April 14th of this year was eleven months. Then I talked to a sales rep later that night via the chat on my phone.He told me that MOST people are Edge eligible a year into their contract. And our year is up May 14th of this year but to check in on the 15th. And also not that it should make a difference but our old Motorola Moto X's had issues so under the warranty we got replacement phones. When we got the replacement phones I asked if that would mess with being Edge eligible and I got told that it wouldn't. So I really would like to know what's going on and not get any more of the run around.

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