Verizon Billing Nightmare


In late February my phone was stolen from my car. At first I had hoped it had just fallen between the seats or that I had misplaced it or something. I learned in August that it definitely was theft, because although I had not had it since February, it continued to be used into April. The phone had images and documents that I needed, so I would have loved to have recovered it.

By March 2nd I already had e-mails to attorney and others saying my phone was "still" missing.

I waited about a week or ten days or so before reporting it - during which time I took my car and house apart looking for it. Finally I gave up and reported it missing. That would have been early March.

Shortly thereafter, everything here shut down due to COVID. On three occasions I drove an hour each way into town and back to see if Verizon was open, and they were not. I also made numerous attempts to organize a replacement phone during March - finally even tried to contact Verizon on Twitter in April.

During March, April, May, and June I made NUMEROUS attempts to get through to Verizon on phone or via chat - in addition to those three trips to see if the store was opened. No luck. Once or twice I reached someone - but the help they offered was not recorded and we were disconnected - so always starting from zero. Again - eventually resorting to Twitter -but the delay in communications caused issues there too.

Finally in June the Verizon store here re-opened. I stood in line for an hour and a half. When it was finally my turn - they actually tried very hard to help. They spent another hour and a half trying to get through to the main office of Verizon to see if they could arrange partial credit due to being unreachable during COVID - and to see if they could help me get an Assurion phone. That day - they were unable to get through to anyone.  A couple weeks later when the lines were shorter, I tried again - I still had to wait about 20 mins or half an hour to get in - and again they tried to help - but again could not get through to anyone. AT that time, to show good faith - I paid HALF of my bill from March, April. May, and June - and asked that Verizon credit the other half, since they were un-reachable during that whole period and I had had no phone service, not even a single second of phone service, since February.

I made more efforts in June, July, August and September. Again and again, just when I finally reached someone who seemed like they might help - the phone would be disconnected. It was a nighmare of getting through - being transferred - left on hold for hours - again and again. Or disconnected -and then finding that no notes were in the file at my next attempt.

In August - I finally made a cut and paste of a chat - In that chat - it does say - don't worry you won't have to pay for that - but that was not recorded in anyone's notes either. I have the transcript though.

To get help through Twitter, it turns out that one has to agree to have Verizon share all one's data with Twitter, Facebook and whatever other affiliates they have. I don't think so.

Now it is September. I still have not had benefit of a phone since February, even with a parent in the hospital and the need for connectivity myself. Even though I have paid about $200+ since I had a phone just on the account - I never heard of a business that continues to refuse to clarify things with you but continues to charge for no service, no option of service even. The only companies that can do that are insurance - and that is because you pay when you aren't sick so that you have the policy when you are. Phones don't work like that. It is unconscionable to charge someone when you are providing no service and when you are also providing no avenues for them to resolve their lack of service.

Today somone offered to make sure I get the Asurion phone at least. Today I turned him down because I don't want Verizon claiming that my acceptance of a phone now means that I somehow owe for 7 months of no phone and no service. I would gladly get that phone - but I dare not. I cannot afford bills for nothing at all just now.

I have been trying in good faith - repeatedly and for hours every few weeks to get through to Verizon to resolve this. Clear my bill - credit the charges and I will get the phone and continue to have an account and pay for it. Otherwise - Verizon isn't even the cheapest phone service on the island anymore and the network here is not even that good. I will write to every credit agency you report me to as well as to the Better Business Bureau - because you should never hold a customer responsible when you simply can not be reached - and you failed to even suspend my device when I asked you to back in March.

Very frustrated. Hurt. Angry. No joke been with Verizon probably for 30 years or more - and now this. What kind of company does this?