VZW or someone help please?


December 2013 when I signed up for Verizon, I was told about edge and that 12 months in I could choose any phone I wanted to Edge up to as long as my account was straight. It is. Well a year(12 months) has come and gone by a few days now, and I am only able to downgrade my phone to a droid maxx. When I first got my phone, I called every day within my 14 days to verify what the in store lady told me. Sounded good. Got all "yes you can", now, I can't. Whats the deal?,

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Re: VZW or someone help please?

Community Manager
Community Manager

jdatg57, I want to make sure that you are able to upgrade to the device of your dreams. Let's review the account together to see if you can Edge Up to a new phone. I did send you a Direct Message. Can you please respond back to that message? I hope to hear from you soon.

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