My son went into our local store yesterday and had to purchase a new phone because his phone went out.  CAN YOU EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I WAS CHARGED A $40.00 ACTIVATION FEE.  This is ridiculous.  I have been a customer with you since the 1990's, and I pay $275.00 per month for my phone bill.  You have NO LOYALTY TOWARDS OLD CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The only customers you care about is new customers, well just so you know new customer are great, however it's the customers that stay with you that makes your company......................

My son wanted to put himself and his wife on their own plan, and was told that his bill would be over $220.00 per month,  REALLY, however because his wife isn't an Verizon customer she would receive $500.00 off a new phone, $200.00.  WOW, while you continue to mess over old customers.

My bill used to be due around the 12th of each month, then one day you decided to change my due date to the 4th of each month.  I chatted and called to ask why this was done. and was givent the run around.  I explained that I couldn't pay my bill at the beginning of the month and would like it to be changed back,  oh yea, ya'll could do that...........  but my bill would be pro rated and be over $300.00 to do that..............

My phone has been in 3G since the beginning of July 2019,  I chatted with a representive and was told to try different things.  Did them and still was in 3G.  I chatted again and was told that I needed a new sim card, and that one would be ordered and delivered to my house.  Never Received!!!!!  I contacted you again and was told that the first order was never placed, however one would be placed then.    As of today September 17, 2019 I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT.  So being I cannot use my phone as I sure be, why don't you deduct money everytime my phone is in 3G, WHICH IS EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


VERY FED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




nice work with all caps!!

everyone pays the $40.

you could've picked up a sim card at a corporate store.

3g, are you in a remote/fringe area?




The in-store upgrade fee is $40 per line and it is $20 if you purchase online. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.



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Community Manager



We never like to see that you are unhappy with us. Please allow us the opportunity to turn this around and address your concerns. First, we truly value having you as a Verizon customer all of these years. We always want you to have the best deal for your needs. All carriers offer new customers special offers for joining. We also have offers for our long-time customers as well. You can keep up to date on our ever-changing offers here:


In regard to your bill due date, we did send out information to everyone on their bills regarding the bill due date change. This was done to align everyone with the company standard. If you need to change the date that was set, this can be done but you are likely to see your bill prorated and can see up 3 bills in a 45-day period. 


Lastly, let's look further int your service. You mentioned having 3G since July. may we ask where you are seeing this issue occur? Zip Code and closest intersection? Does it happen indoors or outdoors? Do you have issues with calls, texts, and/or data?