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I was just forced to change a User ID I have been using for years.  Now it says it was "taken." There is NO use in doing this, only to make customers do something they DON'T want to do. The "Security" argument is bull because a User ID is not necessary in securing an account.  I was in network security for 10 of my 25 years in IT and forcing username changes is little more than a lesson in futility!

When I called CS, something I cannot stand doing because reps are trained to be overly and sickeningly polite with their short lectures on how wonderful it is to help you, etc. etc...but I was fed a complete line of bull here. She told me they want numbers and/or characters in usernames now.  BOLOGNA! I entered another name with no characters and it took!

Your desire to "protect" security is admirable, but there are some measures that are useless and only serve to frustrate customers.  I know, some young, hot-shot tech is going to point out how wrong I am, and try to explain security to me.  Well, don't waste your breath.  It's BULL and you know it. Strong passwords and security questions along with secure browsers combined with 256-bit minimum server security, firewalls, etc, provide more than adequate protection. I'm getting fed up with VZW and plan to find another company after this contract is up.  This, folks, is the final straw.

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Re: User ID Change

[removed] is my user ID now.

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