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So my family switched to verizon edge almost a year ago. We did this so we can switch phones when we would like. The way it was setup was quite confusing. We were told if we chose an iPhone 6 that it would be $27.05 per month for 24 months. We were told since we have 4 lines that we would get $25 off of that $27.05 for 24 months. This of course would make it $2.05 per month for 24 months. 4 lines of the same phone would just add $8.20 to our regular bill each month. Also $2.05 per month for 24 months would make the phone total $49.20. With that being said we want to switch to the iPhone 6S. Since its only been about a year out of the two years for the plan we have payed about $24.60 off for each phone. We want to pay the other $24.60 off so we will be eligible to switch to the iPhone 6S and continue the same $25 off each month thing. Yet when I go only to pay off the rest of the bill it shows we have payed half of the total retail price of the iPhone 6 which I believe was $699. It doesn't show the $25 off thing even though that's what we have been paying for and why it shows we have reached half of each payment. So instead of paying the other half ($24.60) it wants half of the retail price of the iPhone 6 ($350). Why doesn't it count the $25 off per month when I go to pay it. I went into verizon and was told I need to pay the $350 for each phone. The reason being is even if I don't upgrade right now in 1 more year that price wouldn't be the $350 I would have payed $49.20 for each phone and they would be payed off. Why can't I do this now? I've tried to explain it the best way I can. I would love some help ASAP. My family and I are leaving for vacation right before we would being getting the iPhone 6S and we would love to half them for our trip.

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Community Manager

mahoward, my apologies for any confusion regarding the Device Payment Program (DPP) (formerly known as Edge). Allow me to clarify things further. The $25.00 discount is actually not applied to the balance of the DPP balance of the phone. It's applied to the monthly access line. It reduces the $40.00 line access fee to $15.00 per month. The monthly installment remains the same monthly. Please let me know if that helps clarify further. Thanks!

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