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I've been a participant in the Smarts Rewards program, including Verizon Selects since its launch and was recently notified via email on August 4 that the program will end and that signing up for the new Up program is via app only.  I've been attempting to sign up for the new rewards program Up since I received the email on August 4.  I already updated the app upon release on July 27.  And could not locate within the my Verizon app, as instructed.  I encountered server issues,  long lag times so aborted several times.  I've since been attempting to no avail.  When I select the link in the email(s) it states that I don't have the my Verizon app on my phone and then prompts to the App store.  I'm unable to download, since it's since been updated on my phone. The only option is "Open". I have deleted and attempted to reinstall, which didn't correct the matter either.

I have yet to redeem my points, but informed that the program is set to expire on 10/31.

I have an iPhone 6s plus.  My Verizon app resembles the ipad App screenshots, if that helps. 

Please advise at your earliest convenience, as nothing on your FAQs or forum addresses my current issue.

Thanks again for your continued courtesies.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I apologize for the difficulties you've had in enrollling in Verizon Up, koalaty. I'd like to help, and get this working, so you can enjoy the new rewards program. Please reply to the Direct Message I have sent, so we can discuss this matter in more detail.


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