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My fathered transferred his four lines to me recently so that it would be easier for me to manage the account. I was wondering what our next bill will look like. The date of transfer was August 30th but his cycle doesn't end until September 21st. Will he be billed for the full month or prorated for those 10 days. When I contacted the customer rep to initiate the transfer, she said that everything would stay the same but that doesn't seem right. We aren't able to log into his online account anymore since the lines were transferred to me. On my account though, it does say that a bill is being generated for September 1st.

I know Verizon bills a month in advance. I'm just trying to get an idea of what our next payments will look like.

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I transferred all of my lines to another party. Can I still sign in to My Verizon to see my final bi...

Yes, you can access your account for 6 months after transferring your lines to another party. When you sign in, you'll need to enter your account number or user name, instead of your wireless number.

What can I expect on my first bill?

When you activate a new line of service, your first bill for that line will be for a partial month or portion of the monthly access charge, based on the number of days between the date you began service and the last day of your bill cycle.

Even though you're only paying for a partial month, you'll still have the full minute, text and data monthly allowances of your plan, as an added benefit.

Note: you'll also be charged for the next full month.

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Re: Transfer of Service

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Great question suminne3! We know the importance of seeing exactly how your next bill will appear now that the account is under your name, and we will be glad to help address any concerns you have in mind. Now to clarify, the charges will be prorated. Your dad will be responsible to pay up until the day of the transfer, and you will have to pay from the day it transferred up until the end of the cycle which is the 21st. Was this information helpful?

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