Trade-In Program Status - 2+ months later and...


I mailed my iPhone 5, using the brown envelop provided by Verizon, back on October 6th. To this day, it still says the phone was not received. When I called this past Friday, I was told that it may be sitting in a warehouse and won't be recorded as received until they (someone in the warehouse?) go through the bin my phone is currently sitting in. When will that happen? Like I said, it's now been over 2 months since I sent it in.

The rep I spoke with on the phone also mentioned he'd escalate my case and someone would be contacting me within 36 hours. It's now been 5+ days since that call took place and I haven't heard from anyone. I'm beginning to think that all of the claims I'm reading about are true, that this trade-in program really is a scam. Is there anyone at Verizon that can give me a straight/accurate answer as to the status of my phone? It's lost in lala land at this point and nobody knows the status.

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Re: Trade-In Program Status - 2+ months later and...

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There are several hundred bins in each quadrant of the warehouse. Eventually they'll get to it