The switch plan is a scam


Was with Sprint for years and 3 months of new phone.  1/7/17   Went to Verizon blaine mn store.   We went through all details and was told we'd get a gift card. Two of us heard this.  Filled out all final paperwork which matched what we were told for price and uploaded as instructed once received final spring bill.  Good to go.  Boy I was so Wrong!!!!! 

Fast forward - Three different CSRs' on phone at a total of 195 minutes.   Did receive a "visa" gift card for the one part of the amount less trade in value on 3 month old phone.  Fine, so other $432 credit was told twice by CSRs' it would come as a credit and we could apply to verizon bill so we could pay off sprint monthly since owed $432  after Christmas, after new appliances, taking two trees down - we have no money. 

Call today - third CSR.  I was asking when we'd see this $432 credit.  She went into this that the credit is applied over 24 months.  I said WHAT?   Where in the world is this written out?  Why didn't the sales person nor the first two CSRs' discuss this.  Would have never never never made the switch to verizon.  NEVER EVER  makes 0 financial sense.   We are losing money now like crazy and have no money to pay sprint their $432. 

I have receipt about trade in.   Yes the $18 at 24 months = $432.  NEVER in writing on receipts nor this website https://www.verizonwireless.com/promos/switch-and-save/   nor this website    None of these does it EVER EVER explain the trade in value is applied over 24 months.  This one shows you get the visa card.  False False False advertising.

No one can help "supposedly" at Verizon.  We are now looking at cancelling this contract and I have been a Verizon customer for 15 years and I am cancelling due to this false information over three people and no management will do anything to correct the situation.  

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Re: The switch plan is a scam

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Community Manager

We don’t want to see you leave SARHIN40. We know every bit helps when it comes to the promotions and trade ins. What make/model phones did you purchase? Were the previous devices in good working order?


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