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The Edge Plan - Don't do it


My husband and I bought him a new IPhone back in 2013 on the Edge Plan because when the new IPhone came out we were told we could upgrade, without having to pay the high fees of a new phone.  The cost of the IPhone in 2013 would have been $399 but the Edge was $39 per month.  We did the math and decided he had to upgrade by month 12 to make it worth it or we would be paying more for the phone.  When we discussed this with the sales person she said the IPhone 6 would be out and we would not have a problem.  Well when the IPhone 6 came out we wanted to upgrade and cancel the Edge.  We were told the IPhone 6 would cost us $399 and we would have to pay $178 to cancel the Edge program.  We were upset but did it anyway.  Now 6 months later I get a credit of the $178 on my account one month so I figured OK maybe they understood my complaint that I was double paying for the original phone.  No!  This month I have a $424 charge on my account for the cancellation of the Edge program and I still paid $399 for the new phone.  No one seems to understand their own programs and they have all the control.  It came across as a bait and switch plan.  All I can tell anyone is do not fall for the Edge Program, it is like having a timeshare.  What they don't tell you with a timeshare is that your heirs are on the hook for the maintenance fees that have been steadily increasing over the years, after your death.  I can bet you it is the same way with the Edge program.

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Re: The Edge Plan - Don't do it


We agree. Verizon is way over charging on all fronts. Not only this plan, which they sold to my wife and son. Without my knowledge. We regular get surcharged....Every competitor that we have been looking at is much les expensive. As soon as we decide which one to go with we are pulling the trigger. Plus no matter who you talk to. It doesn't seem to matter. Yes in the scheme I know, we only pay 250-300 and they could care less. But when you work hard and get this type of customer service and always seem to be paying the highest price.....Just doesn't seem fair...