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I have been a Verizon customer for over a decade and have usually been happy with the service i have received.  Over the past several years I have noticed a steady decline in the friendliness, understanding, and willingness to work with the customer that I used to identify as qualities i could expect from Verizon's customer service. The straw that broke the camel's back occurred today.  I live paycheck to paycheck as most Americans do nowadays.  I do my best to make sure i stay on top of all of my obligations. I receive notifications by text message when my bill is due and if things are running tight, i contact Verizon beforehand and make an arrangement. I never have any problems.  This month, either the reminder message was never sent or i simply missed it in the sea o messages i get.  This led to my services being interrupted (quite understandable, not the issue).

I contacted Verizon wireless and attempted to set up an automatic payment for this Friday. (when i get paid)  I was told by the customer service rep that this was not possible because they could not restore my service without an automatic payment within 48 hrs.  Just to clarify, we are talking about a 2 day difference.  Not a month, not a year, but 2 days.  I need my service to work to be able to do my job.  I explained all of this to the customer rep who apologized but said there was nothing she could do.  At this point i was not upset, as sometimes a supervisor is needed to handle these types of issues.  I politely asked to speak with one.  After being on hold for about 15 minutes, a supervisor who appeared to be from outside of the US answered.  I explained my situation, that i wanted to set up an automatic payment for Friday to get my account correct but i would need my service restored ASAP due to my job.  Over and over again she simply regurgitated the same line about the payment needing to be within 48 hours.  I kept trying to explain that i would not have the money until i was paid on Friday.  More regurgitation of the same line.  No understanding, no willingness to work with me, just the same line over and over again.  In order to get my service restored i had to agree to the payment but i'm not sure how i'm going to be able to cover it.  Due to their unwillingness to work with me i now have to go around and try to get a loan.  I am extremely discouraged that a company i have been a loyal customer of for over a decade would be so unwilling to work with me.  Unless things change or something is done to make this right, i'm going to have to seek another carrier.  2 days....... all of this over 2 days. 

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That "2 days" is someone's livelihood that they depend on to pay their bills. There are ways to restore when there is a balance, but that will cost an agent their job and being that they are in an underappreciated position to begin with, not many are willing to stick their neck out like that to end up fired.

This is why you have backup savings or a credit card to cover an emergency. If you wanna point a finger at anyone, do it at corporate and not the poor soul taking the phone calls.